Intermediate cleaning – glass

As part of the two bucket overall clean I perform a quick wash down of the windows with the bodywork shampoo. I find this removes any smears and surface dirt effectively and acts as a pre-cleaning process for a proper glass cleaning session.

I currently own a selection of glass cleaning products including Autoglym and RainX products each with their own merits. I think the concept of RainX is interesting in that it would provide good quality beading however the product seems to be quite short lived. For speed and ease I usually use 3M glass spray – this effectively cleans the windows then wipes off instantly leaving streak fee finish with no misting.

For most glass products (including the 3M spray) I apply the product to a regular microfiber towel and work it into the glass surface in medium sized circles. Best results are usually obtained if you then turn the microfiber to a clean area and buff off in similar circles with hard pressure. I finish by doing a light pressured, large circled wipe down of each area with the permeated cloth.

It should be noted that glass surfaces can be clayed and polished as per bodywork. If you are having problems with haze and getting the desired cleanliness of windows you should follow the advanced clay and polishing guides.

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