Intermediate cleaning – plastic trim

Plastic trim is identifiable as the textured black/gray plastic which is often present on the exterior of cars.

This can fade and become tired looking naturally over time in the sun and exposed to the elements. If this is the case there are a number of products that can be used to rejuvenate the areas. 

In my experience I have found that I usually end up cleaning the plastic trim when polish or wax has come into contact with it. These compounds stick to the plastic and the textured surface prevents them from being rubbed away – as a result they tend to leave an unattractive white residue on the plastics.

I currently use Autoglym bumper restorer which is a green paste. Autoglym themselves recommend using their Autolym fast glass product on the plastic trim however and it does work at least as effectively therefore if you have that already there is no need to expand your range of products.

Using a clean microfiber apply some of the product directly to the towel. I tend to work this in my hand slightly to get an even spread of the cleaner over a patch of the cloth about five centimeters squared. 

Carefully apply the cloth to the textured surface keeping it away from the paintwork as far as possible. I apply a very light passing to the plastic surface then go back over the area working it into the trim with the microfiber. When doing this I apply moderate to hard pressure working with one or two fingers.

Once this is complete I will give a quick passing over with the clean side of the microfiber to get any excess product off of the car before moving on to the next area of plastic.

I also use this product for restoring the roof rails and window seals around the car.

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